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Can more be done to improve your health?

  • What do you do when "cookbook solutions" to better health do not work?
  • Do you ever ask "When am I going to be done?"
  • Detoxification takes energy...How do you determine when to detox and when to rest? 
  • With all the toxins you are exposed to daily, how do you know which combination is compromising your health and blocking your detox pathways? 
  • Did you know there is a way to energetically measure whether tissue is healing or not? 

Welcome to Flourish Nutrition Centre...

This is where you begin.  We teach you how to live a healthier life, reduce illness, increase the function of your immune system and improve the quality of your life. We can help your body create health in just 6 easy steps...

  1. Using various techniques such as Advanced Nutrition Response Testing, Morphogenic Field Technique, BioEnergetic Testing, GAPS protocol and others, we energetically assess the status of the systems of the body.

  2. We identify which toxins are energetically blocking your cell membranes.

  3. We track the movement of toxins out of your body.

  4. We determine which system your body wants to support first.

  5. We determine what nutrients would benefit your body the most.

  6. We create a customized supplement plan just for you.

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